Silly SPN icons from 508 + more

Hello, I have some new SPN icons for you. The last episode offered so many good caps that I couldn´t resist :) .

50 Supernatural icons from 508 "Changing Channels"
10 Supernatural icons from older episodes (Season 4)
1 matching texture set

Grab and enjoy :D !


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Supernatural & Hugh Jackman / Wolverine icons!

It´s been an awful long time since I created and posted some icons. When I started again working with Photoshop I had the feeling I was totally out of practice, but it´s getting better with each icon I make.
So I thought I post my latest icons, hope some of you like them :).

16 Supernatural icons
3 Hugh Jackman icons
9 Wolverine icons


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New Icon Base Sets #24-26

Hi there, I seriously need to remove the dust from this place. I can´t believe I haven´t posted anything for almost a year O.o !
However I finally have some new icon texture/bases sets to share :).
I´m starting today with 3 sets of rather simple pastel-coloured textures. I have never done these before so I wanted to give it a go. I hope they can be useful for you.
I will post some more (different) textures in the following days, so there are more goodies on the way :) !
I really hope you enjoy these!


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